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Bat Signals

I'm doing a craft project for Batman's 75th Anniversary where the kids are going to make Bat Signals out of Pringles cans. I had two different kinds of Pringles cans: a short one and a long one. I wanted to see, which can produced a clearer bat signal when an LED keychain flashlight was placed inside? Well, the first thing I had to do was construct a "stand" for the flashlight so that it would shine directly upwards. It kept falling down, ruining the effect! I cut out two circles (using the Pringles lid as a guide) of cardstock, glued them together so that they would be sturdy, and folded them into a semicircle shape. With the fold I cut some slits going outward in a kind of star formation so that the flashlight could poke through. Then I taped all around and underneath. Finally, I cut a few more slits around the outer circumference of my circle and bent the sides down like a hexagon to make it into a "stand." Worked quite well and I don't fors

Cube Bubbles

I've been doing science activities in the public library for the last couple of years but realized today that it's time I started sharing them with the wider world! I'm thinking what I'll do is post what I learn or what projects I can make from books. I may not post every day or every week, just when I have something worth posting. Today's picture worth posting is of a cube bubble blower I made after reading about it in this book: Truly a wonderful book every library should own! After reading that you could do this, I simply had to try it myself. And then I had to share it with the kids in my Curiosity Machine class! First the bubble makes a square shape inside, but if you can manage to catch another bubble in it as you put it back into your bubble mixture, the result is a cube! Try it at home! I used craft wire to make mine. You could try making different kinds of prismatic bubble holders (pyramids, dodecahedron or other polyhedrons) and see