Scratch Cards for Teaching Basic Animation

Right now we're doing a four-week class on making animations with Scratch. Last week, we introduced the kids to the Scratch interface and some of the key blocks they would need. They animated a simple sprite that had multiple costumes already built.

One of the challenges of doing a program like Scratch coding is that if you have the kids code a predetermined project step by step, they may learn more tools but they don't have as much opportunity to think critically or creatively. I used to teach Scratch with tutorials where I told the kids, step by step, how to build the code. Now I don't do that as much anymore. Instead, I want the kids to follow a set of instructions but figure out the blocks to use on their own.

Kids like individuality. They don't want their project to come out looking exactly like everyone else's. They want options. So I created some cards, inspired by the Scratch Cards on ScratchEd. I gave each kid a challenge, like "Make a Bat Fly," or "Make a Shark Attack." Then I made solution cards for each challenge. This didn't turn out to be that necessary--the kids found their own ways of achieving the challenge!

I thought these cards might be helpful to other teachers so I'm sharing them here.


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