Building Coding Skills with Robots and Monsters

Coming up on Tuesday, June 13th from 2-3:30 pm, the Pasadena Public Library will have our next Tablets and Tech program at the Central Library on our 4th floor. Kids will move around different iPad stations exploring a wide range of apps that incorporate accessories for tangible play. Kids will be using the passport below to assist them in taking turns to explore each app. 
Many of the apps have educational benefits for kids. Here I want to share the ones that focus especially on coding.

Osmo Games –

Osmo Game Systems use a mirror placed over the iPad’s camera to direct the iPad to process anything you do in front of it.
Osmo Coding:
Awby, a cute little monster who loves strawberries, needs your help to walk through the woods and get from one point to another. Using coding tiles in front of the iPad, tell him how many steps to go, when to turn, and develop a path that will get him the most yummy fruit!


Wonder Workshop –

Wonder Workshop apps control two kinds of robots, both of which we have: Dot, a robot with light and sound capabilities, and Dash, which has all those capabilities as well as a head that turns and wheels that move.
This is the game I recommend kids start with if they are using Dash or Dot, our robots. It takes you through simple coding challenges in a videogame format, acquainting you with the robot’s capabilities and with basic programming skills.

This is another beginning coding option for younger kids, giving you the ability to draw a path for Dash to follow, and insert instructions for Dash to perform along the way, such as changing his lights or making sounds.
An advanced option for older kids, this app lets you practice coding in a similar way to Scratch by letting you assemble instructions for Dash or Dot in order. It gives you the widest range of choices for controlling their motions, sounds, and lights.

We will be featuring lots of other Osmo and Wonder Workshop apps and accessories which encourage various other skills like imagination, spatial reasoning, phonics and spelling, art, and science. We did this program before on April 11 and had a great turnout. If you'd like to see more of our pictures or get descriptions of the other apps we're going to use, visit


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